Sticky-sweet-spicy Mongolian chickpeas is a one-pot meal that’s super versatile. Try this succulent sauce with variegated plant-based proteins and dish it up over rice or quinoa. It makes unconfined lettuce wraps, too!

Mongolian chickpeas in the pan without cooking

This is a super quick, one-pot meal with that same, succulent Mongolian sauce that is often used to make Mongolian whinge or chicken. Here, I’ve made a vegan version using chickpeas.

This sauce is often paired with well-done unimproved yellow in Chinese and Asian restaurants. It’s of Chinese-American origin and is popular for its sticky sweet spicy ginger pepper flakes savor profile.

close-up of Mongolian chickpeas in the pan without cooking and subtracting sesame seeds

You can use haunting Mongolian sauce in so many ways! If Mongolian chickpeas aren’t for you, finger self-ruling to transpiration it up to your vegan protein of choice. The sweet sauce goes amazingly well with literally anything. You can make this with crispy tofu, soy curls, seitan, or vegan chicken, if you prefer.

It’s just a mythological sauce to use everywhere you like!

bowl of Mongolian chickpeas

Why You’ll Love Mongolian Chickpeas

  • quick and easy one-pot meal ready in a half hour
  • addictive sweet-sticky-spicy sauce
  • versatile! Use your plant-based protein of nomination like crispy tofu, vegan chicken, or seitan.
  • naturally nut-free and gluten-free
bowl of Mongolian chickpeas with sesame seeds on a wooden table

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