Punjabi chole is a North Indian chickpea curry with a unique and succulent tousle of flavors. In this Instant Pot Punjabi chole, the beans melt in the Instant Pot in the sauce until they melt in your mouth! Serve with rice, naan, or flatbread. Glutenfree Soyfree Nutfree

bowls of Punjabi chole on a slate table

Chole, is a traditional chickpea curry from variegated northern states of India. Punjabi chole comes from the state of Punjab and has this unshared savor profile in the sauce. Caramelized onion, whole spices, melt in your mouth chickpeas, this chole feels like home. Once you make this restaurant style chickpea curry, you will make it then and again!

The sauce is made with lots of caramelized onions, woebegone cardamom, ginger, garlic, and a chole masala tousle that you can find in an Indian grocery store or online. If you can’t find chole masala, you can use garam masala instead.

The other full-length of Punjabi chole is that you melt the chickpeas until they are super soft and melt in your mouth and the verisimilitude of the chickpeas and the sauce becomes scrutinizingly the same. That is why the pressure cooking time is much longer than what you would for chickpeas that are just well-nigh cooked for using in salads.

close-up of Punjabi chole in a bowl

This is moreover workable for a lot of other beans or legume-based Indian dishes. They are usually cooked for a longer time, like you’d melt a chili, so that everything caramelizes and becomes aromatic, and the beans scrutinizingly uncork to dissolve into the sauce, and all of the flavors of the sauce go into the beans. If you follow my recipe exactly, that’s the texture that you’ll get.

If you prefer a firmer chickpea texture, you can just melt it for well-nigh half the cooking time, and it will still work out well.

Instead of chickpeas, you can use other beans in this recipe, considering the sauce is where all the savor is at!

Chole is the original Chana masala. Chana masala is a simpler chickpea curry and everyone has their own version, not necessarily pure indian. For the real deal, try this chickpea curry and fall in love with chickpeas all over again.

Punjabi chole in a trencher with rice, onion, and cilantro

Why You’ll Love Punjabi Chole

  • melt-in-your-mouth chickpeas in a creamy, caramelized sauce thats packed with Indian spices!
  • easy to make in the Instant Pot or on the stovetop
  • naturally gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free

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