Creamy, smoky vegan mac and cheese topped with cheesy-crunchy breadcrumbs is an easy, succulent side dish. Just melt the pasta, mix the sauce ingredients in the sultry dish, mix in pasta, top with breadcrumb topping, torch and done! I requite you lots of options for toppings and mix-ins to make it your own!

smoky mac and cheese in the pan

This is a super easy smoky vegan mac and cheese. You melt your pasta, then mix this sauce right in the sultry dish and add your cooked pasta to it. Even it out, then top it with this amazing, cheesy breadcrumb mixture and torch until golden and bubbly.

bowl of smoky vegan mac and cheese

It is a super flexible recipe; you can transpiration up the flavors as you like. Reduce the smoked paprika for a less smoky savor or add in some mustard for increasingly tang. Use uneaten woebegone pepper for woebegone pepper mac and cheese. You can add in chopped jalapeños, too, for a spicy jalapeño mac! Or stir in some buffalo sauce or cajun spice for variegated flavors. Keep this pasta torch handy for weeknight meals!

The sauce has a mix of herbs, spices, some flour, non dairy milk, and non dairy yogurt or surf cheese or sour cream. It comes together in the pan itself and is perfect with any cooked pasta. Serve with my Crispy tofu or tofu schnitzels or my lentil loaf or chickpea loaf.

close-up of smoky mac and cheese in the pan

Why You’ll Love Smoky Mac and Cheese

  • easy, repletion supplies side dish
  • smoky, linty sauce bakes in the oven – no pre-cooking needed!
  • crunchy, cheesy breadcrumb topping
  • delicious, smoky flavor
  • easy to make soy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free
close-up of a trencher of smoky vegan mac and cheese

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